Autumn in South America

Vista sobre el Valle Central y al Cerro Aconcagua.

Autumn is a faboulous time to visit this hill. It is an easy hike walking through a beatifull landscape in fall colors. Spectacular panoramics to the Aconcagua and to Cerro La Campana. About 1:30 hours from Santiago by car. The Natural reserve is open to public only on the weekends.⠀

Part of the 12 selected photos for the 2017 landscape calendar. Available as Fine Art Prints in different sizes. 20 copies, signed and serial number. Printed on Hahnemühle paper.


Parque Nacional Fray Jorge, Region de Coquimbo, Chile
2017 Serie Chile DesConocido

A unique place. Encompased by dry climate and vegetation tipical to deserted places. There appear patches of the so called selva Valdiviana. A cold rainforest, found in Valdivia, Region de los Rios. But here on top of the hills, this rare phenomen takes place thanks to the humidity rising from the sea. Clouds form an get traped on the slopes were they soak the ground and water the trees.⠀

Part of the 12 selected photos for the 2017 landscape calendar. Available as Fine Art Prints in different sizes. 20 copies, signed and serial number. Printed on Hahnemühle paper. Shipping worldwide.

Exposicion y Venta de Fotografia Fine Art

Chile DesConocido

Presentamos la seguna edicion de la exposisicion de fotografias de paisajes chilenos. Los cuadros exihibidos estan a la venta. Ediciones limitadas a 20 copias, seriadas y firmadas por el autor David Gysel L.


24 Octubre al 10 Octubre 2016

Abierto de Lunes a Domingo

11:00-13:00 y de las 15:00-17:30

Atencion los dia miercoles o pueden coordinar una visita directamente por el link de contacto en el menu.

Exposicion de Fotografias

Hasta el 30 de Mayo 2016

Se encuentra abierta a todo publico la exposicion en el Museo del Colegio Alemán de Santiago, Nuestra Señora del Rosario 850, Las Condes.

De lunes a viernes de 08:00-20:00

Sabados de 08:00-14:00

Se exhiben fotografias en gran formato de 1,5 x 1 metro

Todas las impresiones Fine Art se encuentran a la venta.

20160330_182553 20160330_182250 20160330_182559

Paisjes de Chile, Fotografias, Exhibicion y Venta de impresiones Fine Art
Paisjes de Chile, Fotografias, Exhibicion y Venta de impresiones Fine Art

Fotopoesia del Calendario Chile DesConocido 2016

Nota de Prensa

Travesía de Extramares (Por Alfredo Pérez Alencart)

Gysel y Cruz Villalobos, fotopoesía en las Antípodas

Un fotógrafo de paisajes y un poeta que ama la naturaleza que, unidos, forman un connubio perfecto para mostrarnos imágenes de su Chile natal.

Nota Completa

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Recent Assignment Published, elit™ by Stolichnaya® pristine water series The Andean Edition

In June this year I was approached by Ana, Regional Brand Manager – Latin America & Caribbean at Stoli Group USA. They required images for their campaign of the elit™ by Stolichnaya® pristine water series The Andean Edition. The images had to show the special features of the untouched landscape and pristine waters of the Colico Lake. Located in the Araucanian region of Chile. It was a special experience, as they needed images focusing on the water I had a perfect reason to go there with a Kayak, to explore opportunities from the shores. Though finding the right moment to go there due to the weather conditions was somehow tricky. But I had to take a chance on a three day mixed conditions forecast of suns, period of rain and cloudiness. The resulting images are here. Stoli finally selected three of them for their campaign and two of them are being displayed recently on their website. (

Mit der Kamera durchs wunderschöne Chile

Vistas de los roquerios en Punta Lobos (DAVID GYSEL, David Gysel Lenk)
Vistas de los roquerios en Punta Lobos (DAVID GYSEL, David Gysel Lenk)

David Gysel ist längst innerhalb der deutsch-chilenischen Gemeinschaft und darüber hinaus als exzellenter Fotograf bekannt. Auch in diesem Jahr machte er sich auf und durchreiste die verschiedenen Landschaften Chiles. Mit dabei im Gepäck: natürlich die Kamera. So entstanden wunderbare Fotos, die David Gysel freundlicherweise dem Cóndor an dieser Stelle zur Verfügung stellte. Mehr Informationen gibt es auf seiner Internetseite

Publicado en Condor 25/01/2013


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Most Viewed Images of Chile, march 2011

Easter Island, Panoramic view
Easter Island, Panoramic view

This are the most viewed images of Chiles nature and landscapes on our Chile DesConocido image bank for the month of march. Remember that you can license and buy printed images by simply click / pad on the Add to Cart Button (more info on how to buy). You also can share all images on your social network, website or blog by using the share links on top of each image.

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5. Chile Calendar.jpg 95
6. Calendario 20115.jpg 90
7. Chile Calendar-4909.jpg 75
8. Calendario 20117.jpg 57
9. Calendario 201111.jpg 54
10. Calendario 20116.jpg 52
11. Calendario 20119.jpg 52
12. Calendario 201114.jpg 43
13. Chile Calendar-9003.jpg 43
14. Calendario 201110.jpg 42
15. Calendario 20118.jpg 41
16. Chile Calendar-201012 (4).jpg 40
17. Chile Calendar-5291.jpg 40
18. Chile Calendar-4935.jpg 39
19. Calendario 201113.jpg 38
20. Chile Calendar-0109.jpg 37

Contest: Wildlife Photographer of the year 2011

Snowy egret, Pichidangui, Central Chile
Snowy egret, Pichidangui, Central Chile

Closing date: 18 March 2011

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind, attracting entries from professional and amateur photographers of all ages worldwide. By encouraging innovation whilst maintaining excellence in nature photography, the competition seeks to promote the discovery, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world.

Why enter?

* photographers garner international recognition through extensive print and online publicity campaign

* amateurs and professionals alike compete for the chance to share the £24,500 prize pot and scoop the £10,000 top prize

* successful photographers are invited to the gala awards ceremony at London’s Natural History Museum and an exclusive private view of the winning images

* winning images are showcased in an acclaimed exhibition that tours both nationally and internationally and is seen by more than 2.5 million people worldwide

* winning images are published in both a commemorative hardback book translated into multiple languages as well as in a special feature of BBC Wildlife Magazine

How and what to enter

* enter online – visit our website for complete competition rules, new digital guidelines and categories

* entry fee for the Adult Competition: £20

* entry to the Young Competition is free

* entries must be digital files. Scans of transparencies and negatives are also accepted.

* RAW files, original transparencies or negatives must be supplied if an image reaches the final round of judging (young entrants can submit original JPEGs)

* translations of the rules are available online in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish

* closing date: Friday 18 March 2011