Chile DesConocido, Desk Calendar 2019, Landscapes and Nature

Chilean Landscapes Panoramic Desktop Calendar 2019

Size 8,2″ by 5,5″  inches (14 by 20 cm), Coil Binding, 8 pages full color printing on both sides. One picture per month. Chilean Holidays, Anual overview, present and next year.

Following Landscapes are in the Calendar:

  • Salar de Talar, Región de Antofagasta, Chile
  • Caleta Manzano, Región de Los Lagos, Chile
  • Valle de la Muerte, Región de Antofagasta, Chile
  • Mirador Nordenskjöld, P.N. Torres del Paine, Chile
  • Araucarias, Región de la Araucanía, Chile
  • Lago Caburgua, Región de los Ríos, Chile
  • Cerro Manquehue, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • Lago Calafquén y Volcán Villarica, Región de los Lagos, Chile
  • Carrizal Alto, Desierto Florido, Región de Atacama, Chile
  • Los Muermos, Región de Los Lagos, Chile
  • Catedral de Mármol, Puerto Sánchez, Región de Aysén, Chile
  • Volcán Ojos del Salado, Región de Atacama, Chile

David Gysel Lenk, Photographer, New York Institute of Photography (2004), USA. Art Graduate in Photography, Pontifica Universidad Católica (2009), Chile. His work has focused on nature and landscape photography. Searching for unknown landscapes and new views of well known places. This pictures are shown in the annual edition of the landscape calendar ?Chile DesConocido? (since 2005), a word game which translated to English means ?UnKnown?.

The 2019 Calendar is printed in two sizes. Wall 17″ by 11.4″ and desk 8.2″ by 5.5″. (look at my other published products)

The images of this Calendar belong to the collection Chile DesConocido 2019, limited edition of fine art prints. All prints are supervised, signed and serial numbered by the Photographer.

Other products available are postcards of Chile’s typical landscapes.

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