Honey Bee, creeping thistle, Black Forest, Germany by David Gysel Lenk.

Bees in Summer, Black Forest

Schauinsland Bahn, Black Forest by David Gysel Lenk. On Monday I went on a short tour to take some photos in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald). Sunrises at 5.30 am and I wasnt there on time. So when I was there, the sun was already scorching and light was hard. This means shadows and lights have a big difference in luminosity.

So taking some pics here and there just for trying out some ideas…It was more a acknowledgment of places and compositions that could work in a future. When I come out of bed before sunrise, already knowing where to set up for photos.

What I did find was some bees, buzzing around some flowers. There was a bunch of honey bees working hard to get their provisions for winter. So putting on the macro lens, which had been lying in my bag for quite some time setting up tripod and testing shutter speeds that would freeze the bussy bees.

creeping thistle, Cirsium arvense by David Gysel Lenk.
Cirsium arvense is a perennial species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, native throughout Europe and northern Asia, and widely introduced elsewhere. The standard English name in its native area is creeping thistle

It was long ago since the last macro photos, but when the opportunity arises I really enjoy it!

So here are some selected and edited photos of the buzzin BEES.

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