Frost on Trees, Trafampulli, Chile

Frosty Winter Morning, Trafampulli, Colico, Chile

Limited Fine Art Print Landscape Photographs of Chile

Bosque en Trafampulli, Lago Collico, Chile by David Gysel Lenk.
Fine Art Print, Potography


Verdor y niebla

También son tus gestos

De tenaz amor

Photopoetry by @ Luis Cruz-Villalobos

(This Haiku was written dedicated to this Photo)


About the Photo

I made this photo on a assignment with a different purpose. I was at Colico lake to capture images for Stoli, Vodka Stolichnaya. They where launching a campaign for their pristine water series of Vodka. The focus was on capturing images showing the pristine landscape, the clean water and lush landscape sourrounding the lake.

However this frosty scene captured my attention. The white frost on the trees while the fog was slowly lifting up from the forest. All this made for a detailed image which I decided to capture with a Nikon 80-400mm lens in order to get a cut out, detailed photo.

You can accquire this image as a limited edition, fine art print, in the store. I will shipp it wherever you need it!


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