Punta Lobos, Pichilemu by David Gysel Lenk.

The Landscape in Punta de Lobos, Chile

Surfers love the waves I was Fascinated by the rocks!
Punta Lobos, Pichilemu - Landscape Photo by David Gysel Lenk.
Punta Lobos, Pichilemu, Chile

The Landscape in la Puntilla

I went to Pichilemu by request of a Chilean living in Spain. He asked me for images of his childhood holiday´s place. This is one of the landscape I like most of this place. Attracted by the perspective and the rich details the sun brings out in the rocks. Being in Punta de Lobos for one weekend was a great time going out there at sunrise and sunset. One of this photos hangs in a living room in Spain. Decorating and remembering the owner of the good time he enjoyed at this place.

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